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Redstone Report: Traffic to improve at Arsenal Gates

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Projects are in the works in Huntsville to make your life easier.

More than 43,000 people travel these roads every single day.

Redstone Arsenal gates are known to have backups but your wait time could change soon.

We spoke to drivers stuck in the gridlock about how they feel sitting in the traffic.

Most every person responded saying that it is horrible and slows everything down.

Cars are usually backed up all the way to the interstate at Gate 9, as far as the eye can see.

We sat down with the Garrison Commander at Redstone, Colonel Bill Marks.

Col. Marks mentioned several projects in the coming years to help improve traffic patterns.

“There’s technology out there that might help,” said Col. Marks.

They are called AIEs or Automated Installation Entry. They are kiosks that could be installed at the gates for scanning IDs.

“We’re projected to have that system here by 2017, potentially, that may help for manpower,” said Col. Marks.

There is also a plan to move Gate 9 further into the installation and build up around the outside of that gate.

“Life has to happen outside gates. It’s our kids, friends, that are impacted, it matters to us. We watch for that so we’re not impeding businesses and schools so we’re not impacting lives,” explained Col. Marks.

For now, lines at the gates are part of the environment at Redstone. For those working on or around Redstone Arsenal, it can be unpredictable. A 10-minute wait, can easily turn into an hour long line.

“Any small change or incident, accident or turn vehicle around, that causes that process to stop even for a brief moment, will have a lasting affect throughout the commute time,” said Col. Marks.

But ultimately, it’s all done in the name of safety.

“Very important. It’s the first line of security for the installation,” said Col. Marks.

“It takes a little while but that’s the price for security, I’m all for it,” said Mike Hubbard, as he waited in traffic outside Gate 9.

These projects are expected to unfold in the next few years.

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