Rubio talks Trump, defense ahead of AL primary

Rubio talks Trump, defense ahead of AL primary

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - One day following his rally in Huntsville, and two days ahead of the Alabama primaries, presidential hopeful Marco Rubio continued his stance against Donald J. Trump.

Rubio says the race is now more than just politics.

"For me, this is about the future of the party of Lincoln and Reagan, the future of America, the future of the Conservative moment," Rubio said in an interview Sunday. "Donald Trump is a con artist and I had hoped people would see that on their own - but we're going to have to unveil the reality here and pull off his mask."

Rubio said that Americans are struggling and hurting, and that Trump is taking advantage of their fears and uncertainties.

"That cannot be who we are. That is not who we are, and I will not allow it to be who we are."

Rubio acknowledged the end goal on Tuesday is to rack up delegates.

"You need 1,237 delegates to become the Republican nominee, and I will never allow Donald Trump to get that number of delegates," Rubio said. "We're going to get that number of delegates, and a big chunk of them will come Tuesday, irrespective of winning states."

He said he has a word of advice to those who may still be on the fence about supporting any of the other Republican candidates.

"Part of it has to be people who are thinking about voting for Ted Cruz or John Kasich need to think about who on that ballot can actually stop Donald Trump and beat Hillary Clinton."

Rubio also talked about military and aerospace cuts, saying that as Commander-in-Chief, he would institute "a Reagan-style rebuilding of the military."

"I'm a huge supporter of the space program. I believe great nations do great things. One of the things I'd like us to do is put a man on Mars and return him safely to the Earth - big goals, big ideas - that's how you drive the space program, which is also a component of our national security," said Rubio.

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