'Thank you' for nothing: Spotting phony Facebook giveaways

'Thank you' for nothing: Spotting phony Facebook giveaways

(WAFF) - A "thank you" can get you a long way in life - but it may not win you any supposed Facebook giveaways.

The American Airlines name is being used in a Facebook "giveaway" that may not actually win you the advertised prize - 100 first class tickets for you and five friends - and $5,000 cash.

The post is made by "American Airline" and asks people to enter by liking their page and replying "Thank You" in the comments section. The post claims 250 winners will be chosen within 24 hours.

A sharp-eyed consumer might already have noticed the first red flag - the company's name is American Airlines, and their official social media accounts have the name spelled completely - the questionable account leaves off the "s" in Airlines.

"We've seen a spike in several fake accounts and hope customers will be cautious sharing their info," an American Airlines representative said Sunday.

The Better Business Bureau warns consumers that this is a common detail victims of scams overlook. Double-check the name of the organization offering a contest or sweepstakes.

By liking the suspicious page, and depending on your security settings, you could be contributing to "sharebaiting," where scammers trick people into sharing content under the false pretense they may get something in return - click here to learn more about Facebook's policies and how to report suspicious posts.

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