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TONIGHT AT 10: A look at a credit card cloning crime

Hey there and Happy Hump Day!
Some local Donald Trump supporters aren’t too happy tonight. Jake Berent will talk to one of the folks in a Huntsville neighborhood where about 20 of their Trump yard signs have been stolen or destroyed over the last week.

Some other folks aren't too happy about the minimum wage in Alabama. State lawmakers are considering a bill that would cap the minimum wage statewide. Right now it falls in line with the federal wage of $7.25 an hour. Groups across the state, including here in North Alabama, are pushing to raise that to $10.10 an hour. Franklin White will have more on this battle, including an outburst in Montgomery today during a committee meeting.

And just because your credit cards are tucked away in your purse or wallet doesn’t insure that they haven’t been stolen. We’ll look into the case of a credit card cloning crime in this week’s Huntsville Area Crime Stoppers.

We hope you’ll join us at 10.
Mark Thornhill

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