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Kitchen Cops

Kitchen Cops: 5 low performers and rodent feces reported

5 low performers are featured on this week's Kitchen Cops. (Source: WAFF) 5 low performers are featured on this week's Kitchen Cops. (Source: WAFF)

The Lauderdale County Health Department reported finding rodent feces at the Pie Factory in Florence during an inspection in which the restaurant scored a 78. The inspector reports discovering the rodent droppings in a cabinet. The inspector also reports they cooled cooked chicken without the proper time/temperature ratio, putting it in the food danger zone that allows bacterial growth. Also, two fridge units were running too warm, putting the food inside five-to-ten degrees over the required cold-holding temperature.

Right next door on North Court Street in Florence, Ricatoni's Italian Grill in Florence scored an 80. The health department reports a potential cross-contamination violation. The inspector says a worker did not wash their hands before putting on gloves, then handing ready-to-eat food.  A cold-holding violation was also reported. The inspector took off points for shrimp thawing in water that was 13 degrees above the temperature needed to prevent bacterial growth

The Morgan County Department reports there were issues with cold food held too warm at Sam's Sports Grill in Decatur, too, as they earned a 79.
The inspector reports finding roast beef at 12 degrees above the required temperature , and sour cream that was seven degrees off the mark. Sam's Sports Grill also got docked points because a container of toxic cleaner had no label, and that toxic cleaner was stored on a hand sink.

Legghorn's in Guntersville is a back-to-back Kitchen Cops low performer. They scored an 80 last time, and earned 79 during their re-inspection.
You need chlorine in the dish machine to get the plates clean. The inspector says the final rinse for the dish machine did not have chlorine. A personal drink in the kitchen cost Legghorn's points, too.

The Fuel City Food Mart in Tanner is also a back-to-back low performer. They scored an 80 before, and scored an 82 during their re-inspection Some hot food was held hot enough , according to the Limestone County Health Department, with corn dogs, fish, bacon, egg and cheese biscuits, and a burrito seven to 24 degrees below the required temperature.

These low performers need to score an 85 or higher to get off of that list, and they can do it. Proof positive is K & S Deli & Grocery in Elkmont. They came in as a back-to-back-to-back-to-back low performer. That streak is broken, as they scored an 87.

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