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Huntsville Utilities' Electric Board approves agreements for Google Fiber network lease


Tuesday morning the Huntsville Utilities' Electric Board approved the 3 major agreements making way for Google Fiber, following yesterday’s

announcement about the new high-speed TV and internet service. 

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The project will cost between $57 to $60 million, and the cost of the network will be paid for by companies, like Google Fiber, who will be paying to lease. 

The network will take at least 3.5-years to complete. 

However, the services provided through the fiber network will be apparent to Huntsville residents well before Google Fiber arrives.

“Average customers will see better response times for electric, for water, for gas and it will help and it will help us run our system. Additionally, they’ll be able to use the Google Fiber network or other entities that decide to lease on that,” said Jay Stowe, President and CEO of Huntsville Utilities. 

The Dark Fiber Network, Dark Fiber Lease, and Colocation agreements approval will now give Huntsville Utilities the go-ahead to begin the design process to

expand the city’s fiber network.

Huntsville Utilities will now enter the design phase that is expected to take five to six months. 

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