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Huntsville youngster fights bone cancer

Brendan is finding musical joy after a scary fight with bone cancer. (Source: WAFF) Brendan is finding musical joy after a scary fight with bone cancer. (Source: WAFF)
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Thirteen-year-old Brendan Farrow is finding the musical joy again after a scary bout with bone cancer.  

His mom, Loran Farrow, says he was diagnosed in October.   

"It wraps around his bone, rather than being through it," said Loran.

Brendan returned from a summer camp and his mom was talking about his tan when she noticed a bump on his leg that was hard as a rock.

The next day Loran made a doctor's appointment and tests were ordered.  

"It's just a little slight, raised bump," said Loran. "And when the x-rays came back the radiologist said it looked suspicious."

MRI's and a series of physician specialist visits followed.  One specialist told Loran something she did not want to hear.  

"And he said what we're going to do is wait about three months and see how it goes," said Loran.

Loran said the bump grew terribly big.   

"It really kinda looked like a second knee underneath his knee on his tibia," said Loran. "His oncologist now said well we can't go back, so we got him in and they're taking care of it and he's got a good prognosis."

Brendan is about halfway through his chemo treatments at Vandy. His mom said he recently had surgery.  

"They made an incision from about his knee to his ankle and removed the tumor along with 11 centimeters of his tibia."

Brendan attends Big Cove Christian Academy in Hampton Cove, however, his teacher works with him to complete most of his work at home.

"It's kind of hard because I'm at home so much.  And I'm not at school that much anymore so I don't really get to talk to anyone or see anyone that much," Brendan said. "And then I just wait until about 3:30 and everyone gets home and then I call and text people."

Brendan and his mom are strong and so thankful it wasn't worse.

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