NY Times travel columnist live tweets disastrous bus ride

NY Times travel columnist live tweets disastrous bus ride

(WAFF) - A shuttle bus en route from Chicago Sunday afternoon broke down and caught fire, leaving passengers stranded by the side of a highway.

One of the passengers, New York Times travel columnist Lucas Peterson, took to Twitter under his alter ego The Frugal Traveler to document the whole experience.

The "Megabus," a service that boasts fares as low as $1, had just left Chicago but soon began experiencing problems, Peterson tweeted.

He said the driver, after stopping on the shoulder several times, announced they had to turn back and change buses.

Several minutes later, a tire blew, and they stopped once again along Highway 41.

"Minutes later, smoke starts pouring out of the bus," Peterson wrote. "Small fire over wheel becomes big; people abandon luggage and get away. Entire thing goes up in flames, series of loud booms."

Peterson tweeted photos of the damage and emergency crew response as flames consumed the bus.

Police said no one was hurt.

Peterson spoke with a handful of his fellow passengers, many of whom had lost possessions and luggage. A college student lost several hundred dollars' worth of textbooks, and one man was moving from one city to another, and lost his Social Security and credit cards, along with his birth certificate.

Despite the losses, another bus was sent to collect the passengers and carry them on their way.

There is currently no word on Megabus' plans to compensate the passengers for any damage or loss caused by the fire.

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