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TONIGHT AT 10: Updates on a TN woman charged with aggravated rape of a child

Good evening everyone,

I was sad to learn today  that Pulitzer Prize -winning Novelist Harper Lee had died. I thought of Lee was an American Treasure. I read To Kill
a Mockingbird for the first time in high school and was immediately drawn to the author.  

She was, in part, the inspiration for my wanting to one day become a writer. Lee was from Monroeville and she moved back to Alabama several years back. I always wanted to meet her.

I will never get that chance but she lives on through the beautiful stories she left us. Tonight, I pay homage to Nelle Harper Lee and pray for her family as they mourn her loss.

We will have updates tonight on a story out of Lincoln County, Tennessee. After an ongoing joint investigation between the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office and the F.B.I. one woman was arrested for aggravated rape of a child. 
Franklin White will be bringing us the latest on the man found guilty of murdering a 91-year-old woman. Today, the jury recommended the judge to sentence John Clayton Owens to life without parole.

We also have a story for you that has touched the hearts of everyone in the newsroom. Lauren Bale will have the latest on Huntsville Hospital staff fulfilling the last wishes of a patient in a simple and beautiful way, by singing her a song.

We hope to see you all tonight,

Kim Essex

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