Minimum wage protest planned in Huntsville today

Minimum wage protest planned in Huntsville today

Good morning, just one more day after we get through this Thursday. Hand in there!!

Raising the minimum wage in the state, but more like creating a blanket wage for all cities is the hot topic in the legislature this week. However, it may disrupt the entire session since

We'll also have a live report previewing a massive minimum wage protest expected to happened on the Madison county courthouse steps later today.

We're also seeing new plans for a new high school in Madison County and we'll tell you how school leaders plan to split up Sparkman High School to create it.

New developments this morning in the Republican race for president. Donald Trump is losing steam and Ted Cruz is gaining momentum. We'll breakdown some presidential politics.

Don't forget to watch my special report tonight at 10. Trent and I will chat about it this morning which covers worker's comp and why Alabama falls to the bottom of the list in benefit payments for lost limbs.

When it comes to the weather, we are starting out this Thursday pretty cold with temperatures in the 20s & 30s. Prepare yourself though for a quick warm-up that will carry us through the weekend. Meteorologist David Ernst will have your forecast during weather on the 10s.

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