AL Democratic Conference endorses Hillary Clinton

AL Democratic Conference endorses Hillary Clinton

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - With the state's primary just over two weeks away, the Alabama Democratic Conference officially endorsed Hillary Clinton at its annual luncheon in Montgomery this weekend.

But that doesn't ultimately lead to results. The Conference threw its support behind Clinton in 2008, but then-Senator Barack Obama won the state primary that year by double digits.

Still, Democrats in the Conference have faith Clinton is the right person for the job in 2016.

"I think I favor Hilary over Bernie [Sanders]," said Huntsville resident Gabriel France. "I don't see Bernie going anywhere. He's a little too small-time. Hillary has the backing, you know - her husband is already in the political game. She has better feet for the game than someone like Bernie does."

"I love Hillary. I think it was the best time when Bill Clinton was in office and Hillary was right there," said another Huntsville resident, Terron Terver. "She already knows what to do, so I'm going with Hillary."

While several people we spoke with Sunday favored Clinton, Senator Bernie Sanders is getting a lot of traction from young voters, leading to tight races between the two candidates in multiple states.

Alabama's primary is Tuesday, March 1. The deadline to register electronically for the primary is Monday.

* This story has been corrected to address an error in the original version. The original incorrectly stated that the Alabama Democratic Party had endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. The party does not endorse candidates before a primary. It was the Alabama Democratic *conference*, a group established in 1960 to unify the African American vote in Alabama, that endorsed Mrs. Clinton. We apologize for the error.

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