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First "Decatur General" baby born turns 100

Marthey Vines Davidson is turning 100. (Source: WAFF) Marthey Vines Davidson is turning 100. (Source: WAFF)

Marthey Vines Davidson doesn't remember everything about her nearly 100 years.

"I don't hear that often and when I hear it, it seems like wow I didn't know you were that old," said Marthey Vines Davidson.

But she remembers a lot. 

"My brother was just 2 years older than I and I think we lived on Prospect Drive maybe," said Davidson.

She was one of 7 children. Her dad worked for the railroad. The family spent some time outside of Birmingham, but Decatur is home. Decatur Morgan Hospital used to be known as the Benevolent Society Hospital and that's where she was born, about 100 years ago.

Mrs. Davidson is now living at Riverside. Ironically this building used to be the high school in Decatur and she graduated from here in 1933.

She was also a very stylish Decatur High Beauty.   

"I just have enjoyed it, my life here. And that's important, I think," said Davidson. 

There are certain memories which stand out.  

"I remember when we got our first car, but I don't remember exactly how old I was. I was about 10-years-old or something like that. And she remembers her first job working for Rutledge Thomas. Rutledge as a secretary and I remember that, I remember taking shorthand and stuff like that, you know, before I did get a job," said Davidson.

Joyous pictures come to mind concerning her husband, Sophie Davidson.  "Well he knew everybody. He lived on Gordon Drive when I met him and married him," said Davidson.

There are sweet memories of her daughters Diana and Glee.  Details might be a little fuzzy. She is often asked about living a long, fruitful life.  

"I've always, all my life been carried to church. And Austinville Methodist Church I was in for years, you know.  Didn't miss a Sunday and my mother got us ready and we went, all of us."

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