Tennessee Valley prepares for Zika virus

Tennessee Valley prepares for Zika virus

(WAFF) - This morning, we're learning more about the Zika virus since there's a confirmed case in the Tennessee Valley.  Good morning, Trent Butler here. 
Health officials say someone from Morgan County has the Zika virus. We'll show you how Huntsville City leaders are using your tax dollars to prepare for mosquito season.

Also, we're giving you an update on the controversial education standards in Alabama know as Common Core. One state senator wants to repeal it. Many parents are telling us they can't even help their elementary school students with their homework because they don't understand the new teaching methods. Education leaders defend the College and Career Ready standards saying they are in place to make sure Alabama students are ready to compete in the Global economy.

Two Huntsville City schools made the list of failing schools in Alabama. Yet, school leaders say, this is actually better news compared to last year. We'll explain.

If you think it's cold this morning, just wait until this weekend! David Ernst will show us the current chilly temps and some very frigid conditions you'll wake up to on Saturday. He's also talking about the potential for a wintry mix that would show up in the Tennessee Valley later in the weekend.

We hope you can spend part of your Thursday morning with us on WAFF 48 News Today!