Flushing out the truth to the halftime bathroom use myth

Flushing out the truth to the halftime bathroom use myth

(WAFF) - It's halftime during the Super Bowl, and everyone's rushing for the door - to the toilets.

Or, that might be a story that started as a trickle and flushed its way to one big old urban legend.

According to an infographic produced by Roto Rooter, the myth that municipal systems are pushed to the breaking point (or should that be bursting point?) just doesn't hold water.

The amount of water flushed on average during halftime is equal to the amount that flows over Niagara Falls over the course of seven minutes.

The Roto Rooter graphic also mentions that there has only been one instance of a water problem on Super Bowl Sunday - back in 1984 in Salt Lake City, when a water main burst. However, this incident was due to aging pipes, and not, as many may think, an en masse rush to use the facilities.

Experts say while Super Bowl Sunday is not a really busy day as far as plumbing goes, calls that are made are consistent with other large gatherings and holiday situations, such as clogged sinks and disposals due to grease being improperly poured down drains, and yes, toilet backups and sewer backups.

In other words? Don't fear you need to hold it - go ahead and use the toilet.

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