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TONIGHT AT 10: A follow up on the Lauderdale Co. deputy shot Wednesday night

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We’re continuing to follow the Lauderdale County Deputy who was shot last night while serving mental papers to a man on Timothy Murphy in Florence. Tonight, Franklin White spoke to a mental health expert who’ll explain some of what might have led to Murphy to commit this crime.

State legislators in Alabama are moving closer to legalizing a form of medical marijuana. CDB oil doesn’t produce any sort of “high” associated with marijuana, but has shown to be an effective treatment for those dealing with epileptic seizures. Jake Berent will profile a local child who stands to benefit from the state legislature passing this bill.

And we’re head of gender inequality in a number of different areas. Tonight, in a special investigation, Stephanie Mills looks into how some females pay more for the same products than their male counterparts when it comes to retail stores.

Be sure and join us for these stories and more at 10.

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