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A sign of the times

Out with the old (revealing the even older)... Out with the old (revealing the even older)...
...and in with the new. (Source: WAFF) ...and in with the new. (Source: WAFF)

For some, a sign may be just a sign as time goes by (to paraphrase a famous song), but for others - those who work here, have worked here, or have enjoyed the programming on WAFF over the years, those signs hold special meaning and memories.

For many years, first-time visitors to the Rocket City would likely have taken note of the big metallic NBC Peacock outside our studios on North Memorial Parkway.

However, in late 2015 the decision was made to retire the sign, which had become faded and slightly rusty with time, and replace it with a standard sign bearing our refreshed logo.

In November, workers arrived at the station and began dismantling the Peacock - and unearthed a piece of station history.

Apparently, the big Peacock had simply been placed over our earlier, early-90s-era square logo.

Work stopped briefly so employees could marvel at the surprising find, but eventually, that signage was taken down too, the awning got a fresh coat of paint, and in late January 2016, the new sign was installed.

For those curious about the new-found sign - yes, we have kept it, and we hope to give it a new home somewhere in the building after some cleaning and further indoor renovations.

Logos have changed over the years, as have our station's base of operations, but in every case we have displayed our call letters and symbols with pride. You can have a look at how those signs have changed in our WAFF 48 Scrapbook.

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