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Bobby's Bama

Bobby's Bama: Going from volunteer to vocation

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Nine months ago Kenia Torres had a kidney problem and came to Decatur Morgan Hospital.  Her visit happened at a time when she was pondering her future.

"And I went to the ER and this nurse came up to me and we started talking and she was very nice and everything and she told me I could volunteer if I wanted to just to give me a foot in the door to try and see if I liked it," said Torres.

And liked it, she did.  

"I love what I do. I like the people I see and I don't know, it brightens my day, every day."

She is a patient escort.

Paige Norris is the service director for outpatient and diagnostic services and said Kenia's smile and disposition is the first thing everyone notices.   

"We needed someone to work a very difficult shift.  And that was coming in at 4:45 in the morning to greet our out patient surgery patients. She willingly volunteered," said Norris.

That has turned into a paying position. Even so, she volunteers extra hours. She is inspired by those around her.   

"I want to start out at Calhoun to do my basics and then go to UNA to actually do my nursing," Torres said.

Norris said they recognized her enthusiasm.  

"One of the things we love to do here is to encourage people to reach their goals. We have scholarship programs we made sure she was aware of. When you see promise in someone you can't help but want them to succeed," explained Norris.

Torres said she wants to work in a hospital setting. She is just not sure if she wants to specialize in something.   

"I'm kinda between a cathlab nurse and an outpatient nurse, just plain ol' nurse," said Torres.  "Cathlab because I've seen a few cathlabs and I truly like what they do and they really help me and so I like all that. Every time I go into the cathlab he always tells me what they're doing and what they're called and he has helped me a lot."

Torres' volunteer spirit is leading her to a vocation where she is helping people in her community and giving back in Bobby's Bama.

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