Salt brine better prepares Jackson County for snowfall

Salt brine better prepares Jackson County for snowfall

JACKSON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Crews in Jackson County are standing by to deal with any travel related problems due to the snowy conditions in the area. Jackson and DeKalb Counties may have the most trouble spots in Sand Mountain due to their higher elevations.

Officials in Jackson County say they're ready and have some new tools to work with. Normally an off day, a first set of crew members began arriving at the Jackson County Public Works Department after noon Friday.

They've got six vehicles that have snow plows attached and ready to go. How much snow falls in the area, remains to be seen but officials say the upper elevations are their primary concern.

The department this year has the luxury of nearly 6,000 gallons of salt brine and two trucks to distribute it. Officials say this will come in handy, later on Friday evening if they need to use it to deal with refreezing.

"We can apply the brine and it will act as an antifreeze for the roadway and hopefully provide for clear travel for the next several to longer hours," says Jackson County Engineer Jonathan Campbell.

They're still going over the current situation in Jackson County, but should it get worse Campbell says they have another crew ready to come in later Friday evening.

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