AT 10: Alabama helps in search for TN boy

A good Wednesday evening to you, Tennessee Valley.

I know so many of us have been anxiously watching and waiting for news surrounding the search for the missing 2-year old boy in Tennessee.

We're going to bring you the latest in the search efforts for Noah Chamberlin, who disappeared while hiking in the woods near Memphis with his grandmother and sister. We'll hear from a group of Rogersville emergency responders who've headed up to help in the search.

We'll also talk to the head of Huntsville's emergency service, about what sort of obstacles the search entails.

We're also following breaking news of a fire in Madison. It happened at the Magnolia Plaza on County Line Road, where there are three eating establishments. Everyone had to be evacuated. We'll hear from one of those people who was inside at the time.

And just because your credit card is still in your wallet doesn't mean it hasn't been stolen. More on a crook who stole the information and made a "clone" card to steal jewelry and electronics in this week's Huntsville Area Crime Stoppers.
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Mark Thornhill