FIRST ALERT WEATHER DAY in effect until noon--the details on WAFF 48 News Today

FIRST ALERT WEATHER DAY in effect until noon--the details on WAFF 48 News Today


Wednesday is a First Alert Weather Day until Noon, as slick roads could develop as a wintry mix moves across the Tennessee Valley during the morning hours.

Wednesday morning's weather setup is rather complex and this is one of those days where a degree or two can really make a significant difference. There will be a lot of dry air overhead as the steadier precipitation moves in from northern Mississippi between 4 and 7 a.m. Temperatures will generally be in the low-to-mid 30s. Those above freezing temps will work in our favor in helping to limit the icing potential.

That being said, evaporative cooling as the precipitation begins to fall through that dry air could lead to a temperature drop of 2-4°. Some areas may see rain at first before a change to a sleet/freezing rain mix.

Where temperatures are below freezing, this freezing mix will stick without much time passing. Slick roads may be somewhat sporadic, especially south of the Alabama-Tennessee line given temperatures Wednesday morning. But, at the very least, isolated icy spots are still possible over northwest Alabama and the Huntsville Metro area through mid-morning. Travel problems should be more numerous across southern Tennessee and are less likely to the south of the Tennessee river.

School and business delays and closings

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First Alert Road Report

Roads are looking clear right now but that's likely to change as the possible wintry weather moves in. Be sure to stay traffic aware by downloading the WAZE app, which provides real-time traffic updates. For a current list of road closures throughout the Valley, click here.

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