AT 10: Madison officials need your help tracking down two burglars

Hey there. I hope you're having a great Thursday night. Here are a few of the stories we're working on for our 10 p.m. newscast.

Madison officials need your help tracking down two burglars who broke into a house on Mt. Zion Road. The single father spoke to our Franklin White, telling him they stole a number of Christmas presents from his children. The only good thing is the victim has a very elaborate home video system, so you might be able to help him and us find these two criminals.

The Rocket City might be back in the space business in a big way. Today NASA announced that Sierra Nevada will be one of three companies carrying cargo to the International Space Station. That means their Dream Chaser spacecraft will be powered by rockets from ULA in Decatur. And Huntsville is still in line to be one of the landing sites, or spaceports.

And just how much is social media influencing the presidential race? Have you noticed a significant rise in political posts supporting one candidate or the other? Howe much do you think it's influencing others? Nick Lough will look into that very topic in a special investigative story.
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Mark Thornhill