AT 10: A 'lotto' dreams about winning the jackpot

AT 10: A 'lotto' dreams about winning the jackpot

Good Tuesday evening, everyone, from the WAFF 48 Digital Center.

President Obama's final State of the Union address wrapped up moments ago. In our 10 p.m. newscast tonight, we'll have a review of what the president covered during that speech, plus the Republican Response.

Also in our broadcast this evening:

Many people flocking over the border to buy into the historic $1.5 billion Powerball drawing no doubt have daydreams about what all they'll do with the money if they win. But, as Jake Berent will explore, there's also a burden that will follow the winner or winners, and how they choose to handle the windfall could have serious consequences down the road.

You trust your children's school buses to bring them to and from campus safely - and Limestone County Schools is currently going through its annual checklist with the state to make sure all the buses are tuned up and ready to handle whatever the weather may dish out. Franklin White has that story.

Plus - a service that took you via shuttle to the airport in Nashville has stepped on the brakes for the final time. We'll go over what owners said led to the business' demise.

Join Mark, Kim, and Brad - plus an update on the Tide's triumphant return to Sweet Home Alabama from Scott and Carl.

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