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New strides in the fight against gout

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Decatur resident Angela Brackins is visiting rheumatologist Dr. Michael Dick, who diagnosed her with gout in November.

She says the flare-up was very painful.

"It was just, like, on the side of my... right foot," she said. "So I was having to limp everywhere I went, and it just kept swelling and I couldn't stand anything to touch it and it was excruciating."

Gout happens when uric acid levels rise, and that can become harmful to joints. 

"It lasted for about four or five days, and I waited 3 days before I went to the doctor," said Brackins.

That sensation presents as a sudden burning pain, stiffness, and swelling.  Once Angela began seeing Dr. Dick, she got relief.   

The doctor says there is something new in the fight against Gout.

"Zurampic is a new drug released by AstraZeneca. It's been FDA approved," explained Dr. Dick.

He says this drug works a little different as a preventive measure.

"It's mechanism action [is] in the kidney by preventing re-absorption of uric acid," he said.

The FDA looked at several studies. He says the numbers look pretty good.   

"About twice the number of patients who were treated with Zurampic achieved the goal of uric level of 6.2 compared to those who used Allopurinol," he said.

We asked Dr. Dick if there are natural ways to lower the amount of uric acid in the body.

"You can prevent Gout attacks naturally by losing weight, by limiting your intake of seafood and meat, by eating whole grains like oats or whole wheat, brown rice [and increasing your intake of] Vitamin C."

And that is something you can take to improve your stride.

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