AT 10: A North Alabama mother overdosed in her daughters Ohio hospital room

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I can't help but to think about how tragic the news is about a mother who overdosed  and died in her daughter's hospital room in Cincinnati today. The child's father was found locked in the bathroom, unconscious with a needle in his arm. Both were armed. We learned earlier this evening that the couple is from North Alabama. They are from the Trinity area. My heart goes out to the family; especially the 7-month-old little girl who has now lost her mother.

We will also be continuing coverage on the U.S. Marshals capturing murder suspect Alberto Gonzalez overnight at a motel in Bessemer. He is currently in the Jefferson County Jail
Thursday also means we will featuring WAFF Investigates. There's nothing like when a bad guy gets what's coming to him, especially when that bad guy violates your space and breaks into your home. Find out what Trent Butler investigates on the matter tonight.

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