Alabama rep. open to public vote on state lottery

Alabama rep. open to public vote on state lottery

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The 2016 Legislative session is around the corner, and Alabama House Representative Alan Harper is planning to introduce a lottery bill… and District 25 Representative Mac McCutcheon is listening.

"I would be in favor of a lottery if the people of Alabama had the right to vote on it," said McCutcheon.

The majority of people we spoke with are in favor of a lottery.

"People drive up to Tennessee all the time that I know of to get lottery tickets now, so might as well keep the income in the state," said one.

If Alabamians vote in favor of a lottery, the next question becomes - where should the revenue go?

Some Alabamians want the money to go towards our education system.

"I just really feel like it needs to go to the education because that's where our future is, with these children," said one resident.

Others, including McCutcheon, want the income added to the General Fund.

"We're struggling with the General Fund; we need revenue to provide services to the people of Alabama," said McCutcheon.

Meanwhile, some people are arguing against the idea of a state lottery.

"It ruins people's lives," said one dissenter we spoke with. "They keep spending their money instead of paying bills or medical care or anything like that on the lottery, and that's not right."

If the bill does pass, we could get to vote on the proposed lottery system next November.

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