AT 10: What floods bring in must be hauled off

AT 10: What floods bring in must be hauled off

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Talk about adding insult to injury. Some residents in Madison County say they are fed up with the trash left behind from this week's flooding. Tons of trash can be seen all along Hobbs Island Road. Residents say it's been an ongoing problem. We tracked down their county commissioner to tell find out when the trash will be cleaned up.

Could 2016 see an Alabama lottery put to another vote? The measure has been voted down before, but one legislator has introduced a bill that could put the measure back on the ballot. So What do voters have to say about a possible state lottery? We'll have reaction tonight at 10.

A man made some fast money at a local fast food restaurant. Trouble is, it wasn't his money. Can you help police identify him? If so, you could make some fast money yourself. Mark Thornhill has more in tonight's Crime Stoppers report.

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