Jan. 24, 2014: The lion's not sleeping tonight

Jan. 2014: Marie Waxel startled by lion

FLORENCE, AL (WAFF) - "Ever get the feeling you're being hunted?"

That's how reporter Marie Waxel headlined this outtake video she posted to Facebook the afternoon of January 24, 2014.

Marie was doing a story on the University of North Alabama's famed mascots, lions Leo and Una, and how their handlers keep them warm during the cold snaps that greet the Tennessee Valley every so often.

While taping a tease about her story for air on an earlier newscast, One of the lions came up for a closer look at the person standing by their wall.

Marie's reaction was met with a lot of good-natured laughter and attention - the video made its way to some international media like the UK's Daily Mirror.

By the way, if you're interested in how Leo and Una are kept comfy during the winter, you can read Marie's story here.

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