Still unsure about flood insurance? Tune in at 10

Good Tuesday evening, Tennessee Valley!

Do you have flood insurance?  If you are like me, you probably don't think you need it.

Some local residents say they didn't think they needed flood insurance either - until their homes were flooded and damaged as the result of all the recent rain. Coming up at 10, we'll examine why some local experts say you need to get flood insurance even if you don't live in a designated flood zone.

It went $50 million over budget and its construction  has been the cause of several lawsuits and countersuits. Tonight ,the City of Huntsville is one step closer to ending the Madison County Jail construction debacle. City leaders approved two settlements - reporter Vincent Crivelli will have the detail.

And police are investigating how a body ended up along the interstate near Tuscaloosa. Could it be connected to a wreck that happened earlier in the day? We'll have the details.

Join me for these and other stories tonight on WAFF 48 News at 10.

I'll see you then!

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