Morning Rundown: TN Standoff & feds extend insurance deadline

Morning Rundown: TN Standoff & feds extend insurance deadline

Hello Thursday! Good Morning, TN Valley.

Here's what we're working on this morning.

First, the woman who has shocked Lawrence county is out of jail on bond this morning. Shocked...because police say Sarah Treadway plotted to kill her grandson's mother by hiring a hit-man.

We're also tracking developments of a standoff between police and a man in eastern Tennessee that injured an officer.

With overwhelming last minute sign-ups, the feds are extending the deadline to sign on for health insurance under the affordable care act. We'll breakdown everything you need to know to ensure you're insured next year.

Also, an Alabama has to answer to why her 6-year old is in the hospital with 3rd degree burns. Rubbing alcohol and a lighter don't mix.

Suspicious phone calls, unknown emails, checks in the mail for large amounts of money...all ways to scam you out of money or your personal information to steal your money. Hear where the state of Alabama lands on the list for identity theft complaints.

....And don't forget to head to downtown Huntsville tonight for the Christmas Parade. We'll have Jonathan Radford out live along the route to give you all the details.

Alright, we're so close to the weekend and we can help get you through this Thursday.

See you on the air!

--Margo Gray