WATCH: Vanna's 'Wheel' blooper a holiday treat

WATCH: Vanna's 'Wheel' blooper a holiday treat

(WAFF) - After more than three decades, it was bound to happen eventually.

On a recent episode of game show mainstay "Wheel of Fortune," Vanna White was the focus of a holiday-themed blooper.

Vanna's dress apparently snagged on a prop gift box along the side of the giant puzzle board.

The box dragged across the stage as Vanna crossed to activate letters on the board, prompting laughter from the audience and a brief moment of confusion for the hostess.

"I didn't have a clue this gift was following me! Too funny!" White wrote on her Facebook page after the episode aired.

At the end of the episode, White and host Pat Sajak replayed the footage of her wardrobe mis-'Fortune.'

"It looks like you're walking your dog," Sajak quipped.

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