Competing for a good cause

Competing for a good cause

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - Madison City Schools are divided into a "Patriots" team and a "Jets" team comprised of five schools each.

"Oh we are so excited about the rivalry between the Jets and the Patriots for our St. Judes run-a-thon.  All of our principals have embraced the idea.  Ten of the principals will even be running in the St. Judes run." said Madison City School Superintendent Dr. Dee O. Fowler.

The run will take place December 5 in Memphis. For so many of these principals, when it comes to fighting childhood cancer,  Fowler says that's a battle they see first hand.

"In Madison City Schools we have at least a kid from every school that has reaped the personal benefits of being at St. Judes Research Hospital.  And that is why we are so committed because it touches the lives of every student and every school within our district." said Fowler.

The students that have faced the battle are encouraging the principals to participate in the run.

"I decided to do this run for St. Jude because we had a student at Madison Elementary School that was receiving treatment from St. Jude last school year. Over the summer she did pass away so we joined together as a school community to raise funds to give back to St. Judes.  We set a goal of $2,500 as a school and we have surpassed that goal. We have over $3,500 raised to donate to St. Jude." said principal at Madison Elementary School, Melissa Mims.

Children from their past are also encouraging them to participate.

"Personally, for me, we had a family friend, a child I babysat when I was younger who had childhood cancer and who went through St. Jude and at this point is a survivor." said principal of Heritage Elementary School, Dr. Georgia Pipes Nelson. "We've also had the sad stories of children who don't make it.  And we've had those at our school.  And the reason I chose to run is because it's just such a worthwhile organization."

Dr. Fowler is proud of his students and principals.

"We feel that we're building character in children and we think that the more character that we can build in our children, then the better culture and climate we will have in our schools and not only our school, but our community." said Fowler.

It's also a lesson school children are learning about giving back in Bobby's Bama.

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