Does Black Friday even matter anymore?

Does Black Friday even matter anymore?

Happy Friday!

Well, let the bargain hunting begin....we'll be broadcasting live this morning on WAFF 48 News Today to show you the frenzy known as Black Friday. I thought it would be much tamer this year but the lines and tents are out in full force, the TN Valley is ready. an elbow thrown, lack of sleep and the loss of quality time with family around the Thanksgiving dinner table worth it? Does Black Friday even matter anymore. We'll break down the three big reasons experts say it's losing it's sparkle.

However, if your mission is to scoop up a ton of toys today, we'll break down the most dangerous items on the market that could actually hurt your kid in the process at 5:48 a.m.

In other news, it happened again. A man is in custody this morning after jumping over the White House fence while the first family was inside celebrating Thanksgiving. See that at 6:00 a.m.

Also, there's plenty to do around the valley this weekend. Those details at 5:10 a.m. & 6:50 a.m.

See you at 4:30 a.m.

-- Margo Gray