Target coupon page on Facebook is fake

Target coupon page on Facebook is fake

(WAFF) - People all over Facebook have been liking a page thinking they would be getting half off the entire store of Target.

According to, that is not the case.

People have been sharing a link from a site called with an image of the alleged coupon offering 50 percent off anything at Target. The link comes from a site called

The coupon may sound too good to be true since it's offering half off through the end of the year with no exceptions and only a few qualifications. And it is too good to be true.

"Consumerist" said a rep for Target Headquarters confirmed there is no such coupon the offer is fake.

If you click on the link, it takes you out of Facebook to a page with instructions on how to get the reward. You then have to hit a "Like" button, which doesn't actually "like" a page but takes you to a site where you get rewards for taking surveys.

The only way to get the Target gift card, which is not the same as the half off coupon, is to complete the "purchase requirement."

So rather than just "liking" a page, you have to register, respond to the survey, review "optional offers," and then buy at least one of those special offers, which "usually requires a purchase or entering into a paid subscription program for goods or services."

You do all the work to sign up for some type of subscription service to maybe receive a gift card from a third-party company for a promotion that Target says does not exist.

In conclusion, sharing or liking the phony Target post on Facebook will not get you a deal on Black Friday items.

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