My Take - Medicaid Expansion

We are all well aware that Governor Bentley chose to not expand Medicaid in Alabama under the Affordable Care Act back in 2014.   And as a result, some 300,000 Alabamians are not receiving the care they could be receiving under an expanded Medicaid program, according to a 2012 UAB study.   These are federal dollars  you are already paying that have been going to help people in 31 other states that raised their hands to expand Medicaid.   I'd like to remind our Governor and state Legislators that 64% of Alabamians, according to a poll conducted by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, want to expand Medicaid.  Almost 7 out of 10 Alabamians were in favor of expansion, but still our Governor said "NO. " Governor, it's time to get something done, to significantly increase the revenue for Alabama, while at the same time, helping the hundreds of thousands of constituents who are relying upon you to make some tough, but much-needed decisions. I'm Vanessa Oubre, that's My Take What's Yours?

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