Old photo of Coke bottle with 'Isis' name goes 'round the Web again

Old photo of Coke bottle with 'Isis' name goes 'round the Web again

(WAFF) - The "Share a Coke" campaign is once again becoming the subject of ire due to an old photograph of a bottle with a certain name.

That name? Isis.

Not ISIS, which, in all capital letters, refers to the acronym for the terror organization, but Isis, a person's name with roots to the Egyptian goddess.

It's the lack of distinction between all-caps and panic over recent attacks for which the terror group has claimed responsibility that has led to a photograph of a Coca-Cola bottle saying "Share a Coke with Isis" to resurface on social media, often with comments of outrage and demands to share or retweet.

According to online myth-busting website Snopes, the photograph is indeed real - but it wasn't taken in this country, and it is not a current photo, either.

On the Snopes listing for the photograph, a company spokesperson told them that the Isis label was not among the 1,000 names printed for use in the United States during the original 2014 "Share a Coke" campaign, but was one of the more common Dutch names, and thus used in the Netherlands campaign.

The spokesperson also noted that Isis labels are no longer available there, either.

Misplaced anger over the name Isis has been reported in other areas in the country; a bookstore named Isis - again, based on the Egyptian name - was vandalized shortly after the Paris attacks.

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