FIRST ALERT: Watch now: Water main break in New Market may affect morning commute

FIRST ALERT: Watch now: Water main break in New Market may affect morning commute

(WAFF) - Water main break in New Market

Madison County crews are working to repair a water main break on County Lake Road near Maysville Road in New Market. Witnesses on the scene say that the water is pouring into several yards and basements of homes. There is no word on when the repairs will be complete.

More state leaders expected to block refugees

More than two dozen governors across the U.S. are following the same suit as Governor Robert Bentley and refusing to accept any Syrian migrants fleeing their war-torn country. The block of refugees comes after one of the suspected terrorists in the Paris attacks posed as a refugee and made it across Europe.

Russian leaders say bomb took down Metrojet

For the first time since the devastating plane crash over the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, Russian officials say that they believe a 2-pound bomb was planted on the plane. Russian president Vladmir Putin has vowed to find and hold accountable those responsible, saying in a statement, "We will find them any place on the planet and we will punish them." ISIS has claimed responsibility for this crash.

Mostly cloudy skies with gusty winds Tuesday

Skies for Tuesday will be mostly cloudy with wind speeds steadily increasing throughout the day. Temperatures will start out mild, in the upper 50s to lower 60s, and will push into the low 70s by the afternoon. Winds will be 10-15 mph and increase to 20 mph, prompting a wind advisory for much of the Valley with the exceptions of Marshall and DeKalb Counties.

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