TONIGHT AT 10: Updates on the attacks in Paris, an Arab woman who the attack hits close to home for, and updates on a shooting on Dallas Street

. - Tonight, a country and the world is in mourning. 153 people were killed in coordinated attacks in Paris today. Tonight, there is a curfew in place for the first time since 1944; and the city is virtually shut down for the next 24 hours. Tonight, we will have the latest on the deadly day in France.

For Sophie Craddocks of Arab,  the situation in Paris is of particular interest to her  because mother Monique Stalker lives there. Tonight, she is still waiting to speak with her mom.  At 10, she tells us how she is trying to remain positive that her mom is ok.

A man is in critical condition after being shot this evening. The shooting happened on Dallas Street in Huntsville. At 10, the latest on the victim's condition as police search for his attacker.

Join us for these stories and a forecast that calls for the first freeze of the fall season tonight at 10.I'll see you then!