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Be prepared

Be Prepared: Be covered - insurance matters for you and yours

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When it comes to being prepared, are you sure that you’ve covered all the bases: protecting yourself, your family, your pets…

But what about your home?

From flooding to tornadoes to lightning to hail storms and even winter weather, Craig Wiggins, a local Allstate agent, says it is especially important to review your homeowner’s insurance policy in person, well in advance of bad weather, and preferably with a local agent who knows the types of hazards that come with living in the Tennessee Valley.

This is also the time to ask any questions, for example, how long you have after damage occurs to file a claim.

You should also make sure that every year or any time you make changes to your home that your insurance policy stays current.

Wiggins says that not updating a policy when changes are made is actually very common. 

"Someone will do a renovation, they do an addition to their home, they make a major change in their situation in terms of property and they never did anything to update their coverage," said Wiggins.

As for the items inside your home, which could be destroyed or lost during bad weather, you’ll want to document everything with photos or video.

Wiggins recommends off-site digital storage, like the cloud, so you don’t have to search for the photos or risk them also being damaged. This also applies to those of you with renters insurance.

"If you were to lose your home, you lost all these belongings, the company is probably going to ask you for a list of everything you lost and you’re not going to be able to remember all of that," he said.

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