Kitchen Cops: Rodents and flies reported at restaurant

(WAFF) - The Limestone County Health Department handed the Papa John's Pizza in Athens a 75. The inspector reports a violation that can be cross contamination combination. The inspector says they were using cracked plastic bins and lids. That can allow what's inside to leak out, and what's outside to come in. Papa John's also lost points because of a dirty can opener, and because of an open employee drink in the walk-in cooler.

Bama Breeze in gr ant scored a 72. The inspector reports they discovered evidence of rodents and that they saw flies in the restaurant. The inspector also reported that all utensils in the utensil drawer needed to be washed.

Izzy's, which operates inside of a convenience store on Highway 67 in Somerville is a back-to-back Kitchen Cops Low Performer. They scored an 82 during their reinspection after having scored a 77 before. The Morgan County Health Department reports a worker failed to wash their hands before returning to a food prep area, and that there were several personal drinks in the prep area and in the cooler.

Fuel City Food Mart on Swancott Road in Madison scored an 84. The health department reports their soda nozzles were dirty. They lost points because pizza was 15 degrees below the temperature required to prevent bacterial growth in hot food and fried chicken was ten degrees off.

Somewhere on the Lake in Guntersville is off of the low performers list, scoring an 86, ten points better than last time.

There are eight Kitchen Cops High Performers this week. Zaxby's in Hazel Green was one of five that scored a 99. The others are Meridianville Bar-B-Q, the Subway in Sheffield 99, Creative Catering in Florence 99, and The Carriage in Florence 99

The Krystal in Muscle Shoals 98, as did Y'alls Southern Sensations in Tuscumbia, and Southern Barbeque in Sheffield.

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