Tonight at 10: What people on welfare are allowed to buy, update on missing boy found after 13 years, and a special edition of Friday Night Fever

Coming up tonight at 10,  People on welfare can't use their benefits to purchase just anything. Alcohol, cigarettes, lottery tickets,  trips to strip clubs, tattoo parlor, casinos  are a " no-no". But  you may be surprised to learn some things are not restricted .. like purchasing a firearm. It is perfectly
legal to buy a gun using your welfare benefits in this state. How is this possible? We take a look at the law tonight at 10.

And an Alabama mother is overjoyed after her son, who was kidnapped over 13 years ago is found safe. We'll have an update on this story at 10.

Tonight, we have a special Thursday edition of Friday Night Fever.

There were several local games played tonight. Scott and the sports team will have all the scores and highlights coming your way in sports.

And  if you have outdoor plans this weekend, you may have to work around some rain. Brad will look ahead to a soggy weekend forecast for most of us.

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