Teen social media icon quits social media, says it's 'fake'

Teen social media icon quits social media, says it's 'fake'

(WAFF) - An Australian social media icon is quitting social media, and she said she is doing it for her 12-year-old self.

Essena O'Neill has thousands of followers on Instagram and even more views on YouTube. The 18-year-old model has made a career off of social media, but she is officially quitting.

O'Neill said she obsessed over other girls' social media accounts and compared herself to them. She said she thought she was nothing.

"I looked up their measurements and then compared mine to theirs," she said.

She wants people to know that her social media presence is "fake." She even went back and edited posts on her Instagram account so the captions would accurately depict exactly what happened behind the scenes.

She said social media is not real life and there is so much more to life than likes, followers, and defining yourself by numbers.

"People in your real life matter," O'Neill said.

O'Neill has started a website called Let's Be Game Changers.

In her YouTube video, which has almost 100,000 views as of Nov. 3, she lets out her raw emotions and expresses what she wants everyone to know about the reality of social media.

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