DMVs reopening across the state

DMVs reopening across the state

A change in direction over that big dust up last month over the closure of DMV's across the state. Two in our area in Lawrence & Franklin counties. Both will reopen this week, but there's a caveat, Jonathan Radford will have live reports on this at 5:00 & 6:00 a.m. on WAFF 48 News Today.

It's the video that everyone is talking about around the valley. It's circulating on Facebook after a father posts video of what he says is his son getting choked by his bus driver. See the video for yourself and what school leaders had to say about it.

DNA testing may solve the mystery of a man missing since June Colbert County. We'll break down the details.

Have you heard it's No Shave November? You'll see our morning guys, Trent, David & Jonathan growing in their beards over the next month to highlight men's health. Today we'll cover the importance of getting the man you love in for a prostate screening.

The rain is gone but the clouds are sticking around. Tune in for your weather on the 10s to hear when we'll see the sun show itself again.

Have a fantastic Tuesday!

--Margo Gray