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Scrap yard owner says he owns piece of NASA history

(Source: Johnny Worley) (Source: Johnny Worley)

Does a scrap yard owner with ties to Alabama actually own a piece of NASA history? Johnny Worley believes he does and he's ready to share it with the world.

Just over a year ago, Worley bought what he believes is a lunar rover. He's researched it, even met with NASA officials, and he believes it to be authentic. He says it is one of only two prototypes built by NASA.

So how in the world could something like this wind up in an Alabama scrap yard? Worley has a theory.

"I don't understand why there are no records," said Worley. "Records get lost. I'm sure NASA would love to find those records. I've talked to them and they have had their representatives come out to our place and look at it and measure it. But I don't think they can tell me themselves."

Worley said he plans to auction the rover off. But he wants it to go to someone who will appreciate its significance and refurbish it to its original condition.

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