Mail carrier, farmer top endangered jobs list

Mail carrier, farmer top endangered jobs list

(WAFF) - There are several jobs that are dwindling away and becoming endangered with less and less use for them.

For the list, CareerCast reviewed a list of the country's 200 most populous jobs according to a range of criteria that cover the challenges, stresses, and rewards of each job. They looked at those 200 jobs and used BLS data to determine which jobs had the poorest outlook for growth between 2012 and 2022, the decade ranked in the most recent BLS figures.

Since most of us use the internet for almost everything, the need for mail carriers is becoming less and less necessary, which is why that career path came in as the most endangered job of 2015, according to Forbes.

Farming comes in as the third most endangered job on the list. Huge factory farms are becoming more efficient, which requires fewer workers.

Next on the list, in fourth, is that of a newspaper reporter. Online-only media sites like Vox, Buzzfeed, and BusinessInsider are creating more jobs for young reporters. There just aren't as many people writing for printed publications.

Seamstresses and tailors hold the 10th most endangered spot. The business is affected by imports. One of the few U.S. companies that makes its garments in the U.S. is American Apparel, and it filed for bankruptcy recently following layoff earlier this year.

Other jobs on the list include jeweler, insurance underwriter, meter reader, logging worker, and flight attendant.

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