SHORTAGE: Stock up on canned pumpkin before it's gone

SHORTAGE: Stock up on canned pumpkin before it's gone

(WAFF) - Stock up on canned pumpkin if you want pumpkin pie this fall season. Pumpkin crops are down by about 50% this year.

While the shortage won't affect your pumpkin patch picking, it might be a good idea to go ahead and stock up, CNN reports.

CNN said the sugar pumpkins used in canned pumpkin are grown primarily in Illinois, which produces about 90% of the supply each year, but this year heavy rains hit Illinois and cut in to the crop.

Libby's, the unit of Nestle that hold an estimated 80% of the canned pumpkin market, says that it thinks it will have enough canned pumpkin to make it through Thanksgiving, but the short harvest means it will be tight. Libby's processes all the pumpkin it buys at a plant in Illinois.

So, when stores sell out, they will likely be out until next year's harvest. Your Halloween and fall decor won't suffer, but your stomach might.

Canned pumpkins come from sugar pumpkins which are more oval, dense, and thick in comparison to decorative pumpkins that are bright, thin, and hollow.

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