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Fayetteville Tennessee, home of the famous slawburger

(Source: WAFF Staff) (Source: WAFF Staff)
(Source: WAFF Staff) (Source: WAFF Staff)

Honey's Restaurant is in the heart of downtown Fayetteville and home to something famous.

"Slawburger! Our famous slaw is a mustard based slaw and there are 3 restaurants here, in Fayetteville, that sell slawburgers." says Carolyn Denton, Executive Director of Fayetteville/Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce.

This delicacy is so famous they even have a festival named for it. In fact it has been around for 50 plus years and is a tradition for the community according to Denton.

Honey's Restaurant lays original claims to the 'heaven in a bun'.

"Everybody's uncle started it. But I will say my great grandfather started it.  And I'm sticking to that story" says Lee McAlister, the owner of Honey's."It started in 1923.  And it has been a favorite in Lincoln County for all these years."

The reputation of the slaw burger is something that is growing far and wide.  But when it comes to the recipe, don't even bother to ask McAlister.  

"It's a secret. There is only three people know it right now. My father used to, but he passed away so me and one other person know it right now." says McAlister. "We keep it under lock and key."

McAlister says they sell out every day.  He says people order it on chicken, hotdogs, really anything that does not move, and they sell it to the local grocery store.

"We sell about 40 gallons a week and it's been real good to us." adds McAlister.

A product which follows the town motto "Where tradition meets tomorrow" just outside of Bobby's Bama,

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