Some good news out of South Carolina this morning

Some good news out of South Carolina this morning

Let's start with good news this morning. The waters are receding in South Carolina but it is revealing all the damage caused by all the flooding. Crews were on dam watch overnight which could have sent more water towards homes and prompt even more evacuations, however, it looks as though things are stable this morning.

The big controversy in our state is Governor Bentley firing back on allegations from congresswoman Terri Sewell. The closure over 31 DMVs is not sitting well with her and she believes the legislature had an ulterior motive in closing them. She's concerned the closures will make it more difficult for poor and minority Alabamians to get the proper I-D cards required to vote. You have to hear what Governor Bentley said back to hear at 5:30 & 6:30 a.m.

It's bad enough their daughters were cut from the softball team, according to two Colbert county moms. Now they're upset over them not being included in the team picture. Would you go so far as to sue over it?

Meantime, Reverend Jesse Jackson is coming to Sewell's aid and gathering protestors with him.

Sleeves or no sleeves today....David Ernst has your weather on the 10s.

Alright, let's get over this hump together.

--Margo Gray