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Urinary incontinence possible symptom to larger problem

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Dr. Mitchell Schuster's medical specialty is General Gynecology & Urogynecology  

"Pelvic floor disorder is basically just a big name for anything that's going on with the pelvic floor," he said.

The pelvic floor is comprised of muscles and ligaments, "with childbearing and other things like obesity and smoking and exercise that requires a lot of heavy lifting, those muscle fibers get stretched out.  So with child bearing you get a separation in this area."

"The pelvic floor goes from this bone right here to this bone.  This is what starts to happen and it gets all the way to where it's hanging out."

It can effect several organs.  "Women feel pressure.  They'll have problems with urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, urinary urgency, causes low back pain, pain with intercourse.  I mean there's a lot of different symptoms the patient can have, basically because of a hernia on this pelvic floor."

It's very common and a third of all women deal with it.              

Insurance covers all options. "The great news is that a lot of these problems can be fixed without having to do surgery."

One is as simple as exercise. "Kegle exercises.  We have physical therapists who can use electrical stimulation to help stimulate those muscles so people know what it is they're trying to do and can actually identify those muscles better."

One of the most common tools, pessaries, are inserted into the vagina.  "This kind of acts like a suction cup and kind of sits up there and holds everything up."

And there are other types as well... each manufactured to help with a specific problem....like holding the bladder in place.  "Pessaries have been around since Biblical times."

Believe it or not there are a lot of women who do not like to talk about this subject but it's important for their health to be able to.  So that means going to your doctor or going to your gynecologist. 

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