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Arab Historic Village: A step back in time

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A visit to Arab just isn't the same without a step back into time at the Historic Village. Our guide is Juanita Edmondson, the director.    

"Arab Historical Society decided to give the city of Arab a historic building for their centennial back in 1992. So in 1990, they moved the hunt school here, they restored it," said Edmondson. 

What they didn't know at the time was that, building would become the first piece of a timeless puzzle.

The puzzle began to take shape as donations came in and buildings went up.

Music and old fashioned signings can be found at the Rice Church on special occasions. The Rice Church was the second building to come to the village in the mid 90's.

 Edmondson says that's when the idea of the Arab Historic Village was born. A local retired carpenter, Elvin Light and his friends did much of the restoration.

A museum bears his name, and his tools are on display. "He started tearing down old buildings to get vintage lumber to build the blacksmith shop, the grist mill, and the country store," said Edmondson.

The museum, school and more came after that.

A local school teacher also made a donation. 

"Miss Lola Boyd was born in 1899, she was the youngest and she took care of her parents in their old age and the home was hers. She willed the house to the city to be moved here and maintained by the historical society. So we use that today to teach what the homesteads looked like back in those years," said Edmondson.

Teaching school children on field trips.

"I think it gives children a sense of roots. And they feel a little more grounded when they have history of their area. Children like hands on learning and most of them are visual learners," said Edmondson.

And here they can get a distinct vision of the past in Bobby's Bama. 

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