Lake Guntersville State Park hosts Halloween fundraiser

Lake Guntersville State Park hosts Halloween fundraiser
(Source: WAFF Staff)
(Source: WAFF Staff)

GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A haunted tradition in the Asbury community will benefit not only some local volunteer fire departments, but Lake Guntersville State Park as well.

The Haunted Chicken House was held for years but ended two years ago. But now it's coming back and will be held at the state park with a twist.

For years, the community of Asbury sponsored the popular Haunted Chicken House. Two years ago their structure became unavailable to use, so this year with another volunteer fire department it's coming back with a partnership with the Lake Guntersville State Park.

"We talked about it and thought, well, it's going to be a great idea. It helps all three of us out. It's to help Alder Springs, Asbury, and the state park," says Asbury Volunteer Fire Chief Bryan Baker.

So organizers are now decorating a trail next to the golf course and instead of a chicken house it will be the 2015 Haunted Forest Trail.

"We had all the stuff. I mean everything that was in that chicken house we had in storage," says Baker.

There will also be some new things on the trail as well as an old favorite that's coming back.

"We've invested a lot of money into the vortex system. It had to be completely rebuilt," says Baker.

Baker hopes people will come out and support them and the state park, that is if you can handle it.

"I think it's going to be great. I mean, it's going to scare some people," says Baker.

The Haunted Forest Trail begins Friday night and is held each Friday and Saturday through the month of October.

It starts around 7 p.m. when it gets dark and they will stay open until the last group comes through.

The event is being held in the back parking lot of the Lake Guntersville golf course.

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